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Could burpees be a big stress on the joints at that size? That's what I would be concerned with. There is the round back issue with the burpee as you tuck up from the pushup and the impact landing.

I still like the idea of the rower and tabata's preferably. I dunno about the bike because I hear about knee pain with biking and I've felt knee funniness myself just having to ride to and fro from point A to B as my transportation. Swimming maybe as well or running in water.

For a big guy, I think I would err on the safety side and at most do vertical jumps and landings from a 1/4-above parallel squat for metcon or lunges. For that jump, I would focus on landing correctly. Yeah, I'm a gymnast and I use these for warmups or conditioning but they are pretty useful so long as they aren't done in excess.

BB/DB complexes like the "Bear". I think learning how to POSE with limited volume would be good so long as the focus was on learning the form with a light intensity.

Talk about thread revival, but it's a good thread.
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