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Originally Posted by Scott Kustes View Post
You don't have to run the whole hill. ;-) Just mark off 40m and do 8-10. I usually do 1 up, then 1 down, then 1 up, etc till I get my reps in. Full recovery between reps. This isn't speed-endurance work.

Seems a reasonable workout volume, though I'd stick with the compound exercises and ditch the isolation stuff. Deadlifts, squats (depending on if you don't get too sore/tired from them), romanian deadlifts (sounds like that's what you're describing with your "touch your toes" exercise), bench, overhead press, pullups, dips. No need to make this complicated. Up to 5 sets of up to 5 reps, 5:00 or so between sets for full recovery.

Back in the day, I used to do what you call Crazy Eights. We did them as 7 reps and called them 21s. But they're unlikely to help your sprinting. That's a hypertrophy workout. You want to maximize strength with minimal gain in weight, i.e., high weight, low reps.

What's your squat and DL numbers?

not to sure about my DL, but my squat is at 350 now.
I just got back into squatting since freshmen year (which I squatted 325 maxout then)

So you're telling me when I'm benching I should do 5 sets of 5 presses and 5 minutes in between?

I've rarely ever done Cleaners, Olympic lifts, dead lifts. etc.
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