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Originally Posted by james forshaw View Post
My info came from the SS wiki, and various sources including I've done TM (recently) and worked up to a 160kg high bar squat (A2G), 95kg push press and 110kg clean whilst eating to maintain a bodyweight of 77kg. I don't think I need to buy PP as the idea of TM is simple to understand, and I know it works. It has worked for strength gains - but will it put mass on a high intermediate/advanced lifter?

I may be mistaken, but when you wrote:

I didn't actually mean 'mass gains' to mean large gains in strength. I mean actual gains in body mass.
this strikes me as a ridiculous question now that i re-read the thread. forget my earlier message.

if you are truly walking around at sub 10% bf and doing 3 days a week of strenght training in a format as described, you should already know if you're getting bigger or not.

good luck with whatever it is your doing there.
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