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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
this strikes me as a ridiculous question now that i re-read the thread. forget my earlier message.

if you are truly walking around at sub 10% bf and doing 3 days a week of strenght training in a format as described, you should already know if you're getting bigger or not.

good luck with whatever it is your doing there.
How is it a ridiculous question? I did TM a few months ago (only relatively recently) with the expressed intention to get stronger but stay at the same weight, which I've already mentioned. Mass gain didn't come into it. So I knew I was NOT getting bigger.

You may think it as a ridiculous question, but I'm a true newbie when it comes to mass gain. I have quite a bit of experience with CF, strength training, eating to support GPP, fat loss and suchlike, but not putting on weight because I've never tried to do it in any systematic way.

Can you not see my concern? Eating a massive calorie excess and doing only one volume session a week - obviously weight will be added, but in my mind most will be fat for this very reason. Unless working up to one set of a 3RM in my chosen exercises on the intensity day will also be an adequate stimulus to add lean mass?

I'm sorry if I'm irking some people here (it feels like it). But I'm not prepared to invest time and money (only milk money, but still) into a programme unless I have a clear vision of what the outcome is going to be.
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