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Originally Posted by Khalid Khalil View Post
Could I possibly do both of them in a session? Are you saying the only leg workouts I should be doing is isolated muscle parts and dead lifts? Could you possibly walk me through what you would do in my position in the weight room for just clarification.

And I honestly have done plyometrics a few times in my life and that's it, I haven't found a system for it and a routine or anything--its not really implemented in my school sadly.
You're apparently very keen on squatting and quite opposed to giving it up. You can certainly do them both in a session. I just don't think you're going to get much benefit to your sprinting, which you claim is what you want to improve. I think you very well may decrease the quality of your sprinting workouts. Poor workouts are not going to translate into better track meets. Frankly, your program seems a bit broad for wanting to specialize in sprinting. Your strength is not lacking...your ability to convert that strength into power/speed is where you lack.

If what you really want to do is get faster, you can give up the squats and focus instead on deadlifts on gym days. My gym days are pretty much 100% deadlifts and a compound upper body exercise (bench or overhead press), plus some shoulder rehab, isolation type stuff (note that this is for rehab, not to improve my sprinting!).

Matthias nailed it. I don't mean leg curls and extensions. I mean single leg deadlifts, split squats, etc. No clue if they are actually helpful...just thinking through some ideas.

Actually, I haven't done any weight lifting in the past 6 weeks as I focused on my final push to next week's season-ending meet. In that time, my 100m time has dropped about 0.4 seconds. You don't have to be Ben Johnson with his 6x600 full squat to go fast. You need to learn to convert what strength you have more quickly. You're going to do that by sprinting at full intensity and adding some plyometrics. I use this program (START AT THE BEGINNING REGARDLESS OF WHAT LEVEL YOU THINK YOU ARE AT...VOICE OF EXPERIENCE: PLYOMETRICS CAN AND WILL DAMAGE YOU). There may be better programs out there, but this one has been good.

I also wouldn't go 5 days straight. I don't think you're 4th and 5th days are going to be very high quality compared to the others. Again, you possibly recover better than I do, given that you're half my age. But I think a 2-3 on, 1-off would do you better. Looking back over my notes, I rarely go more than 4 days of hard intensity in a week.

Did you read what Steven posted? Please do.

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