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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post

Read the link.

You're probably irritating everyone because you're not understanding simple concepts that are explained in there. If you don't read it, this thread will very soon get to the point where no one will want to help you.

Read it, it made alot of sense now-- And I can see from the exampled workout they posted that deadlifts/ply's will actually take a fair amount of time, but also make it a hellvua intensity workout. And from that I'm assuming plyometrics are used during lifting for you guys? This will also be easier then running all over the gym, now I can stick to just one bar.

Scott, that workout you posted for ply training, following that from week one to week 10--do you do that during a lifting day or a sprinting day (or on a day by itself)? Or is that what you were saying you do after each set of deadlifts?
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