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How much weight have you been adding to the bar each workout? I haven't looked at stronglifts program personally, but at your weight and numbers you should be on linear progression.

Should be at least 5 if not 10-15 lbs to the bar for your squats each workout. The reason I don't like 5x5 across (if that's what you're doing for squats) is because it's too much volume and doesn't allow as high a frequency like SS' 3x5 with 3x a week frequency. Similarly, 5x5 ladder isn't really enough stress at how light of weights you're moving to stimulate good adaptation. It's fine in an intermediate program like Bill Starr's 5x5, but not as effective in a novice program.

Basically, IMO go straight to SS and get your squats and DLs up past 300 lbs and bench past 200 lbs pronto.
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