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Originally Posted by Scott Kustes View Post
It doesn't matter how LONG 3 sets of deadlits takes. It's about quality work, not time in the gym.

You could probably do something like:
Mon - Sprint
Tue - Lift (Deadlift + OH Press or Bench + possibly a few depth jumps after DL sets)
Wed - Sprint
Thur - Rest
Fri - Sprint
Sat - Plyo (on it's own day...these are hard on the legs)

Of course I have never actually SEEN you run and have no clue what it is that you need to do other than what you say you're numbers are. You also don't have to do the same thing every single week.

You might check out these other forums devoted to sprinting. Lots of people far more knowledgable than me over there:

Thats alot of great info Scott, sorry for the rough start I gave you and everyone in this thread haha. So you believe there's no need for two weight room days? I wanna know the purpose of that change but I will take your word for it being there, even if it is a personal preference (not assuming). The only recording I have of me running a 100m can be described fairly easily.

The gun goes off and I'm the slowest out the blocks, I'm in last place up until the 60 meter mark and I start to blaze past every sprinter up until the guy who was in first from the beginning (one of those "If there was 1 more meter in the race, he would've got him"). The case is always similar to that. My top speed is that of the top guys in my heat, just my start is the weakest out of all sprinters.
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