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Default Hip pop during squats

Im sure some of you have encountered this before, so I will describe the situation.
What an annoying sound my left hip makes when I barbell squat. I noticed my left hip would make a crackling noise when I squat on the first rep of every set, without pain. I took a break from squatting for 5 months just doing single leg stuff, but now it returned when I did squats again(no pain again of course).

So I figure, why not look at my flexibility on that side? Turns out, my it band has some bad trigger points on that side(may have not been working it enough in the past), followed with a tight hip flexor/quadricep.

Solution: Since the last 2 days, been stretching the entire hip region paying special attention to the hip flexor and it band. I think I am going to lay off the squats for a bit and just do some abductor exercises followed with some hip extension work till that side improves.

If anyone else has encountered this, feel free to add to the discussion.
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