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Originally Posted by Scott Kustes View Post
Yeah, that looks good. I was going to come back and suggest dropping to two days of sprinting.

Weight room. Ditch the curls unless sculpting the guns is a top priority for you. It's worthless for your sprinting.

Plyos...2 minutes between sets. As you get into the higher intensity weeks, the rest periods drop. Just go with what it says.

Alright yeah that makes sense, and I mean--I'll do the curls I do like to keep the definition in my upperbody this way, and its kind of "If I have the time" kinda thing, I usually do it right before or after pullups which I try to get in even a few because it seems to help me in the long run.

It's not probably a bit edge on sprinting but it makes me feel fit during other activities haha. (Usually active to the point of cutting trees or transporting heavy objects)
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