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Originally Posted by Joe Kalsbeek View Post
Worked up to 190lbs and then failed at 202.5lbs. Current PR is 198lbs. Any and all critique is welcomed! Thanks.
hey Joe,

Technique looks solid, you have a nice split and your timing looks on-point. I think your problem, and therefore the reason your getting stuck at about two hundred pounds, is that you need to think about exploding the bar upward with everything you have in the jerk. In the vid it seems to me as if you are ccasually driving the bar while trying to drop under that weight. You need to focus on a powerful hip drive to explode that bar!
You seem to be either cutting your drive short out of fear that you will not be able to drop under the bar, or your just simply not driving enough and in my oppinion it seems like the latter.

Other than that you have solid technique, just focus on the drive which is the heart of the jerk.
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