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Default Hang Power Clean Advice (form critique video)

What's good O-lifters!?

I have here a video of my workout from today, I did 3x3 HPC with 165lbs (i know it's not heavy, but it's greater than my body weight, lol). Just today, I am starting a power cycle after spending the last month or so doing basic strength workouts for lower body to prep for the more rigorous explosive lifts. My goals are not to be a strong weightlifter, but weightlifting is just a means to jump higher.

My goals all relate to jumping high, primarily from an approach off of one foot, but I am also interested in vertical leaping and two footed jumping. I'm hoping a power cycle of explosive weightlifting can help all aspects of my jumping.

So with that little caveat in mind (I'm a high jumper, not a weightlifter), I would appreciate everyone's two cents in regards to my form, training, rep structure, periodization, anything you can think of really.

Thanks in advance,
here's the video wfs- although i'm not wearing a shirt, it's summer in miami, give me a break!
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