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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Not exactly. Low carb diets are fine for weightlifters and can work really well for endurance athletes.... and also can be disastrous for endurance athletes depending on the athlete.

However, a fighter, crossfitter, basketball player, soccer player etc. and just about any other athlete from a sport that relies on a constant series of starts and stops is going to need carbs, though not to the degree mainstream dieticians will try and prescribe.

And yes, i realize I just described CF as a sport.

They're not evil and don't make you fat all by themselves.
Really? Just what is Mark? Or any other alpinist? My team and I compete in 24hour -10 day adventure races. We all are what we consider low carb.

Then again I won't be the only one here that doesn't agree with you one bit on that.
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