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well... i agree that more general strength work (i.e. things other than sn/cj/squat) is a good idea at times, but that's not what you said in the previous post - hence my question.

and at the same time, there are quite a few folks who would disagree - and many of them have produced world caliber, world record making, olympian, etc weightlifters. so a strict bulgarian approach certainly can't be ignored.

further, it's a mistake to consider the sn/cj as merely tests of strength or developers of coordination. that's only true if you suck at the lifts and aren't moving heavy weights. the sn/cj are very unique lifts in the sense that they are the most effective exercises for improving their own performance. does that mean they should be the only exercises used? no, but it does mean they can and should make up a large portion of a weightlifters training - not just coordination development.
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