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Talking Massive Catch-Up Entry!

Well, I'm gonna give this my best effort at least.

Snatch: 3x40, 2x45, 2x55, 2x60, 2x65, 2x68, 2x70, 2x73, 75(f2), 75(f2)
Front Squat: 3x80, 3x86, 3x100, 2x112, 2x116, 2x120, 2x125
BTN Snatch Push Press: 5x40, 4x45, 3x3x55

Clean+Jerk: (2+2)x50, (2+2)x60, (2+2)x70, (1+1)x80, 3x(1+1)x85
RDL: 5x90, 4x105, 3x120, 5x90, 4x105, 3x120
Reverse Hypers: 3x10


1 - PR'ed my snatch double by 8kg to 73, almost matched my 75 that I got at the meet, but not quite.

2 - PR'ed my front squat double all the way up to 125. Not sure what it was before, but 125's not bad with a best single of 132.

3 - RDLs have been snatch grip for a long time, but today I was told that I should straighten my legs more, almost to an SLDL. This made clean grip pretty damn rough, so I'm gonna go back to those.

Snatch: 3x40, 2x48, 2x55, 65, 2x1x68, 65, 2x55
FS+Jerk: (3+1)x60, (2+1)x65, (2+1)x75, (2+1)x80, 2x(2+1)x85
Split DB Press: 6x80#, 6x50#, 5x60#, 5x70#

Power Clean (HB) + Push Jerk: (2+2)x40, (2+2)x50, (2+2)x55, (1+1)x60, (1+1)x70, 2x(1+1)x75
Clean Pull (HB): 5x70, 4x80, 3x90, 5x70, 4x80, 3x90


1 - My FS+Jerk combos were really good! The things I've been focusing on with regard to foot position in the jerk has helped a lot.

2 - Split DB Presses sucked! I started with 40# DBs and pushed through it, but I looked like crap, so I came back down.

3 - Decided after the power clean workout to start estimating my power cleans off of 90kg from here on in, though I don't remember ever testing it.

Power Clean: 3x55, 2x65, 2x72, 77, 80, 80(f), 2x1x80
BS+Push Jerk: (2+2)x55, (2+2)x65, (2+1)x72, 3x(2+1)x77

Power Snatch: Not sure of the rep scheme, but I maxed out at 68kg
FS+Jerk: Again, not sure of the rep scheme, but I maxed out at (2+1)x95kg.

***Now there's a long break with a little intermittent practice at the end that I'm not even going to stress about***

Keystone State Games
Snatch Attempts: 70 - 74 - 80
C+J Attempts: 90 - 96 - 102 PR Jerk
Total: 176


1 - Was sick for the majority of the previous week, finally feeling better again the morning of the meet, so all the snatches were power snatches. Just the same, 74kg is a 6kg PR on my power snatch, and I came a lot closer to making 80kg than I ever would've expected.

2 - Clean and jerks felt great! My last attempt at 102kg was a 1kg PR on my jerk, and then I went back to the warm-up platforms and hit 107kg for another PR. The clean on that one was a bit forward, but I recovered it and finished with a nearly perfect jerk.

***This concludes my recap, starting today I'll be back on a regular program, so there will be further updates again***
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