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I do the basic zone start up from crossfit 4 pro-4 carbs 4 fat for all 5 meals everyday for breakfast i eat 4 eggs 2 apples 12 almond / lunch 4 ounces of tuna or chicken with 3 cups of green beans or spinach and a hand full of almonds or pecans and all my other 3 meals are the same as lunch. for my workout I use the MEBB template day one is a power cleans max effort with a 15 min crossfit workout my weight for cleans is 5 reps of 290 the next day i do a metcon the last one i did was 400m run 30 kb swings with 30 pull ups 4 rounds for time. etc
day split:
day 1 max effort - full body + crossfit
day 2 metcon
day 3 max effort - lower body + crossfit
day 4 metcon
day 5 max effort - upper body + crossfit
day 6 rest
day 7 rest
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