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Originally Posted by Darryl Shaw View Post
Fat adaptation is great in theory but the reality is it does nothing for athletic performance where glycogen stores are always the main limiting factor. Even Phinney's study Ketogenic Diets and Physical Performance came to the conclusion that "performance is limited by the low muscle glycogen levels induced by a ketogenic diet, and this would strongly discourage its use under most conditions of competitive athletics". The bottom line is that the only people who really benefit from fat adaptation are arctic explorers and anyone else who has to go for very long walks in very cold climates.

"Fat adaptation" for athletic performance: the nail in the coffin? - Louise M. Burke.

That can be said. However having done 24-240 hr race events with my team. I beg to differ. Sure I understand glycogen. I aslo understand that the depletion of it is often over rated, and misplayed. We don't do keto. I am not even what I would consider low carb (150 per day, I weigh 180). Bottom line? No, I have seen it work quite well within the climbing community and adventure racing community. We don't do it in the artic That being said, it may come off as me being anti carb. I'm not, I just won't see and havent' seen over the last two years that 300-400 carbs a day is needed for our type of training, which is extremely endurance based.

Not to mention your article and studies use 5 days to two weeks as the adaptation period. Not near long enough when talking to mid or long level endurance athletes. Glycogen can be depleted anytime you don't ingest enough carbs. We do that, but not the way everyone thinks.
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