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Default cleaning up my diet... and getting fatter?

This is more of a point of curiosity than concern since I'm a pretty skinny guy, but I recently decided to do a little experiment with cutting out starches and dairy from my diet. Bread and alcohol especially have started giving me nasty heartburn, so I figured I'd try going very strict for a few weeks and see what happened.

A typical day's worth of eating looks like: 1/3 lb bacon + iced coffee + apple for breakfast, 1 lb salad (mesclun mix, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, grilled chicken, chopped red onions, red and banana peppers, black olives + a bunch of olive oil) for lunch, a couple plums + hard-boiled eggs for a mid-afternoon snack, every couple days I'll eat about 1k calories worth of almonds, and then for dinner I usually eat either a steak cooked in butter (should I swap that for something else?) or a half-chicken from Whole Foods (ha sometimes both). Sometimes some more iced coffee or tea (unsweetened) in the afternoon. I eat fish a couple times a week for dinner. I used to drink about half a gallon of whole milk per day, maybe more, and a little bit of alcohol on weekends, plus some occasional ice cream.

I've been doing this for about 10 days now, and thankfully I'm not getting any more heartburn (although I discovered that cherries give it to me... wtf). But I seem to be getting a bit fatter around my midsection. Is that surprising, or am I doing something wrong my diet? I figured if anything I'd lean out a bit. I'm not consciously eating any more than I used to, although I suppose the chickens from WF must have a ton of calories.

Fwiw, my training program is basically Wendler's 5/3/1 with a metcon now and then, 5'10 182lbs.
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