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On an aside to the question of volume I read an interesting fact about dustmen (trash collectors or whatever you call them) a couple of years ago.

In an article comparing the fitness levels of various jobs and professions (who is fitter, the Royal Marine or the ballet dancer? Apples and oranges and ultimately rather silly) this rather random idea came up:

A dustman in the UK performs an equivalent amount of work in a day to powercleaning 45kg, 142 times.

Why 142 and not 140 or 145 I don't know. I assume this was just made up nonsense to be honest.

But it lead me to powerclean 45kg, you guessed it, 145 times, which was actually rather fun. I then stepped it up to a powerclean and press and raised it to 50kg.

It left me feeling that the UK's dustmen were stealing a living.
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