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Originally Posted by Darryl Shaw View Post

Your CHO intake of 150g/d works out at 1.8g/kg/d which is a very low carb diet and is barely enough to keep your brain ticking over. This falls far short of the of the general recomendation that endurance athletes consume 6-10g/kg/day (depending on training load/volume) but if that's what works for you I'm not inclined to argue the point.
It ticks fine. See here is the thing. I do it, my team mates do it. I realize I don't post here much. But I am no spring chicken to training or diet what so ever, in fact I have a year long series coming up in the PM.

I know where you are coming from though, and I understand your reasoning. I am saying I have read tons of literature on it, and have used it with enormous success in our training. Does it work for everyone? Of course not, we all have different needs, and I imagine some day someone on our team will need to consume mass carbs to complete our races. Just haven't gotten to that point yet

Thanks for the great discussion.
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