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John Filippini
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Snatch Balance (2s pause): 4x40, 3x50, 3x57, 2x65(f3), 3x2x70
FS+Jerk: (3+3)x55, (3+3)x64, (3+2)x75, (3+2)x86, 3x(2+1(f2))x91
RDL: 5x80, 4x92, 4x106, 4x3x120
Press/Row Supersets: (6+6)x40, (5+5)x50, (5+5)x53, (4+4)x55, 2x(3(f4)+4)x55


1 - Snatch balances were good, with one fluke thrown in.

2 - FS + Jerk wasn't as bad as it has ben in the past, but wasn't great, and was certainly exhausting.

3 - Finished the workout in 2 hours flat!! I'm pretty sure that should not be so exciting...
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