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John Filippini
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Power Snatch: 4x40, 2x3x45, 3x52, 2x60(f3), 3x2x63, 2x3x60
Power Clean + Jerk: (3+3)x45, (3+2)x55, (3+2)x63, (2+2)x72, 3x(2+2)x77, 2x(2+2)x72
Back Squat: 5x100, 4x116, 3x132, 3x3x140, 4x132, 5x124, 2x6x116


1 - No real problems with the main lifts other than the one fluke in the power snatches.

2 - Back squats were a lot easier than earlier this week. Managed to keep really good upright posture through pretty much all of them. Man was that a lot of sets though.

3 - Workout duration: 2:30
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