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Your lifts are looking good. Nice work.

Based on the 205 to 225lb lifts, I do think your clean use more "pop." Strive to make that hip extension faster and more aggressive.
For example, check this video out, 15 seconds in and onwards:
That quickness at the hip is something to aspire to. I'm sure you'll be good for a lot more weight as you improve your speed.

As for the jerk, you seem to roll back on your heels, and then forward during the dip and drive. What helped my jerk was to incorporate 3 cues:
1.) think "big chest"
2.) keep the lower back tight and
3.) keep the weight planted towards the heels
and maintain this feeling through the dip/drive.

This took quite a few repetitions with an empty bar and sub-maximal weights until I got comfortable, but it really improved my consistency.

Good luck!
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