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I had talked this over with my wife and was all ready to get it taken care of and she changed her mind and wanted to get an IUD. I had a good plan too. I was going to get the procedure done on a Friday (during football season). That way I could sit around and ice my nuts and watch football ALL weekend and blame it all on proper recovery.

I would have had it done and may still get the procedure if Darcy (wife) wants the IUD out. I have two well behaved (generally) boys and I don't feel like playing the odds that a third would be the same. My luck it would be a girl. Not that girls are bad it is just that my wife and I are totally ill equipped for handling a girl let alone a teen later on. I have a neice and I generally have a good idea that I would be wrapped right around her finger if I were her father.

Good luck...don't worry about the smoke and burning smell coming from between your legs. I hear that is normal.
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