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Default Hernia/ab strain

Howdy folks,

I think i may have tweaked something in my lower abdominals during a max front-squat attempt just over a week ago. The pain is located the lower left area of the abdominals just above the hip and didn't surface until the day after, which led me to believe it was just DOMS.
Now, the pain was still present when I attempted a light turkish getup over a week later. It also hurts if I do any sort of extended ROM situp. From poking around the area and comparing it to the opposite side, there doesn't appear to be any discernable protrusions, although my understanding is that you can have a hernia without a noticeable protrusion.
Does anyone have any ideas whether this is a hernia, a strain or something completely different? With that in mind, what sort of rehab action might be appropriate or what sort of medical professional should I seek out to have it looked at? I'll probably head to a doc in any case but it'd be useful to have some info from folks from fitness circles.

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