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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
Mine was done by a very old school doc. I got to go all the way under for the procedure. That was the worst part of it for me. You have to do what they suggest for recovery and plan on doing nothing for the weekend. I never really had any major pain just discomfort. My wife was so happy I did it that she pampered me while I was recovering. Do remember that you have to go get the recheck to make sure the swimmers aren't still there. We have a friend that said yeah I'm good and now they are the proud parents of newborn twins....

I had it done at such an early age(25ish) that I had to get a note from my dad. I just knew that I didn't want kids.

Doc came in, turned on the tunes, snip, snip, out the door about 2 hours later. It was done as outpatient.

Drank two shots of Wild Turkey, took a nap.

Had to bartend that evening, dang if this chick that I had been eying up for a few months, decides to "hit" on me. No way was I going to say no, as my rep was on the line. All the plumbing worked fine, just lucky the lights stayed low, as I was one very black and blued dude.

True story, honest. No pics though.
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