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Martin Bonn
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Hey Greg,

thanks for the quick reply!
See, what you said is what I thought (and it's what you say in your book...).
The video of Sage teaching is a crossfit journal article (it's called 'Sage teaches the snatch', 6min long, if you want to have a look). I might just misunderstand what she says or this is part of a teaching progression that she uses, I don't mean to judge, I'm just curious.
Basically, she has people DL (with PVC) off the floor slowly and then rebend the knees (also slowly) and then she says jump, so the position they snatch from looks like a high hang but she got to that position using slow movements only.

So would I be right in saying that, once I m past the knees I extend slowly using glutes/hams (whilst keeping the knees in a fixed position) until i reach the jumping position and then i extend violently?
(I'm waiting for your DVD to arrive, I assume that will explain all of that, but I d just like to get into the gym and try it - patience is not my strong point!)

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