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Nick Hunter
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Had a three-hour skype session with Charles, who is trying to get me to convert my body to healthy motion so that it may thrive. He is also somewhat interested in rugby, which I am trying to convert him to, so that his body may wither and die as mine has! It was great to have a video link in the session for demonstrations and better observation.

Talking points:

* Quadriceps, Hamstrings, IT Band, Thoracic Spine, Vastus Areas, Pectoral, Deltoid, Biceps, Peroneals, Tibialis Anteriors, all need rolling via hard foam-roller or hard medicine ball. Scar tissue can build up from injuries over the years and fail to be removed by the body, contributing to tightness and misalignment.
* My shoulders appear to have a healthy range of motion, demonstrated by an easily completed "Wall Angel" exercise.
* Possible hypertonic upper traps.
* Very little ability to coordinate scapular depression, poor scapular depression strength.
* Slight kyphosis of upper back.
* Slight forward shoulder posture.
* Ankles could be impinged by bony structures, but the pain could also come from the tendons terminating at the ankle being drawn very tight, and misalignment of tissue there.
* Likely poor adduction at the hip, poor groin strength, tight external rotators, as my feet turn out extremely easily when given the chance.
* Less than desirable arch of the foot.
* Musculature composed of powerful main movers, held together by bullshit.
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