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Default How does this look for fat loss?

My eating plan as of now is broken down as such:

Daily-Protein 200 grams (800 cal.) , Carbohydrates 50 grams (200 cal.), fat 89 grams (801 cal.)-Total 1801 cal.

Carb. sources are breakfast 1 ccup of blueberries and lunch all (or fairly close to)fibrous carbs (broccoli, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, etc...).

Protein is lean chicken, fish, whey shake post workout and egg protein shake before bed.

Fat is fish oil, almonds, and sometimes olives.

I eat a cheat meal every 7 days, than have one 9 days later; thus 7/9.

Training is weights 3x weekly, CF 2x weekly, distance run 2x weekly.

Just wondering if it looks off or things should change to make it better.

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