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I've looked a bit through your previous posts. You have a current tendency to try to much and do too many things with too many goals. Simplify. You've probably also been dieting for too long, and need a break at maintenance calories to keep your metabolism and hormones from being royally screwed up.

I'll provide three options that I think would work for you:

Option 1:

All out war on fat. Read McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss. Implement this approach as a category 3 dieter. Follow the diet to the letter, including the refeeds and the maintenance diet breaks. During this period, no cardio, no mecons, just strength training as prescribed.

When you hit your %BF goals, switch to Starting Strength, or 5/3/1 or some sensible structured strength training program. Drop the metcons, except for occasional "finisher" type short strength biased metcons (e.g, 2000 meter row, sandbag or kb work, strength biased couplets, that sort of thing, no longer than 5 minutes). Drop the distance runs.

As you approach your strength goals, add more metcons and potentially distance work as well.

Option 2:
Starting Strength, with maintenance eating. Focus on linear strength gain and body recomposition by forcing muscle gain at the expense of body fat. When you run out of linear progression after a couple of resets, focus on fat loss through something like Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss approach. Drop the metcons and the distance runs, but perhaps include a short "finisher" (5-minute strength biased mecon) after one, maybe two of your starting strength sessions.

This will hit your strength goals, give you some body recomp, and when you hit serious fat loss later, you will be working off a better base of lean body mass. What you are eating seems fine, but reduce the number of cheat meals. You might want to throw in one high carb refeed every two weeks or so. Read Rapid Fat Loss or A Guide to Flexible Dieting for more details.

Option 3:
Alternating focus on strength gain and fat loss. Try for a 4 week cycles alternating between fat loss and strength maintenance, and strength gain.

1st 4 week block: Starting Strength linear progression with maintenance diet, no metcons., no distance runs, occasional finishers.

2nd 4 week block: Keep lifting 3xweekly, use 3x3 rather than 3x5, keep the intensity the same but hold the weights, or increase weekly rather than every workout. Keep protein high, carbs low, and calories low to create a large deficit (e.g., the diet you posted above but cutting out some of the fat). Break this 4 week cycle with a high carb refeed. Use Rapid Fat Loss to structure this phase.

4 weeks all out war on strength, 4 weeks all out war on fat loss.

Rinse, wash and repeat.

The common theme between all three options: Focus on one thing at a time, using a dead simple approach. Attack things like all out war with one overriding goal that subordinates all other.
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