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I'd suggest Every warm up spending a bit of time doing a basic clean progression (like the burgener warm up) with a dowel, PVC pipe, Broom just what evers to hand. really focus on initiating that second pull with proper sequencing and timing - start slow and keep movements nice and controlled.

Maybe try introducing hang cleans into your program so they really force you to have a violent 3rd pull and get under that bar quick.
you posted saying you'd just finish a Bulgarian cycle? i think it was you anyways apologies if not. maybe see this as a chance to switch it up, have a squat strength cycle, low emphasis on the classical lifts and really focus on weightless technique work. i think it'd be worth it, you'd come back stronger with better technique, and that combination always produces better numbers
anyways, that's all IMHO, and folk say actions speak louder than words in which case i should be listening to you and your snatch! :P
keep lifting!
Male 17, 6'4", 90kg and hunting that first bodyweight Snatch.
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