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Default Muscular Dystrophy

Anyone here have any experience dealing with it, either in a personal capacity or with clients? I have a friend who is in his mid-fifties who has an unclassified variant of it and his symptoms have been getting progressively worse over the last decade or so.
He said he was aware of it as a kid, and then when he hit puberty he hardly even noticed it at all, until he reached his forties. I assume this would have to do with testosterone levels beginning to drop around then.
The symptoms include an inability to sustain physical activity for very long without rest. Even walking is difficult to do for very long, and he describes it as complete exhaustion. He once said that if he lifts something heavy, or does some other type of low volume, heavy exertion, that he is wiped for days.

Anyways, any ideas for what to do? I wonder if testosterone therapy and or some kind of 'roids might be appropriate and/or helpful, coupled with a strength routine to attempt to mitigate the effects of the disease. He will likely end up in a wheelchair within a few years, so I'm hoping to convince him to try something, even if it might not work.

Thanks very much for any help or ideas you can give.

Matt Henseler
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