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Originally Posted by george nesrallah View Post
Thanks very much Darryl. I checked my calorie requirements on runningdeersoftware and it gave me 3369. Therefore I would minus 300-500 calories from that to give me what I need to lose my 1 pound a week goal.
Yep, just keep the energy deficit small, ~300-500kcals/d, so your body doesn't slow your metabolic rate to protect you from starvation and you should have no problem maintaining a steady weight loss of ~1lb/week. Just remember to recalculate your calorie requirements as you lose weight or if there's any significant changes in your lifestyle.

Originally Posted by george nesrallah
Just wondering if you are saying to do 60% carbs, 20% protein, and 20% fat? What would the reasoning behind so many carbs daily be?

Carbs need to be kept relatively high because glycogen is the main limiting factor in athletic performance. Fail to repelenish your glycogen stores between workouts and performance soon suffers which reduces the E-out side of the energy equation thereby slowing the rate at which you're able to lose weight.
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