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Default Usain Bolt 9.58s WR 100m

World Champs in Berlin...

Seems around what he probably would've gotten in Beijing...

Tyson Gay ran a 9.71s and it seems like he's 3-4m behind Bolt haha. So sick.

And 10.00s 100m only gets you 6th place.

edit: he does slow down a bit at the end... looking to the side for Gay + scoreboard

edit2: I think his Beijing run was a bit better actually


During those Games, Mr. Bolt once described his race-day regimen. "I just got up at 11, watched some TV and had some nuggets," he said. "I went back to my room and slept for three more hours. Then I had some nuggets and went out to the track."

Dude eats a lot of chicken mcnuggets.... -_-
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