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Default Weight loss guidelines

I have been attempting to drop body fat now for the past 9 months. It took off very nicely the first month, I followed a strict 19 block paleo-zone. I dropped my body fat from 17% to 14% in one month, along with 16lbs. Since then I have been experimenting with adding fat, ratios. In the 9 months I have dropped from 196lbs to 176lbs. But in the last couple of months it has seemed to become harder and harder to drop weight. My activity levels include gymnastic worker monday,tuesday, thursday, and friday for an hour each day. I currently eat a 17 block paleo-zone at base fat.

The purpose of all that information was to determine if there are any consequences to following a restricted calorie diet too long. I have been eating at base fat for the past 2 months. Is there something more I can do ? Or does anyone think I should try something other?

I thank you in advance for your time.
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