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No way was his Beijing run better. It might look better because no one else was as close as Gay was in this race, but the numbers speak volumes. Bolt's 10m splits in Beijing were:
0- 10 1.85
10- 20 1.02
20- 30 0.91
30- 40 0.87
40- 50 0.85
50- 60 0.82
60- 70 0.82
70- 80 0.82
80- 90 0.83
90- 100 0.90*

Last 10m slow due to celebration. The last 20m of the 100m is deceleration. His last 10m might've been 0.85 in Beijing had he not celebrated, giving him a 9.64. You could argue up or down .01, but his last 10m split would've had to be 0.78 to run what he just did. Not happening. This is his best run to date.

Gay was no more than 4' behind him, which holds for the difference...figure about 0.1 seconds per meter in the 100m, give or take. 10m splits aren't available yet for this race...still too early. I'm betting his reaction time is markedly better and you'll probably see a slight decrease in some of his 10m splits. He looked faster out of the Beijing he was last out of the blocks. This race he got out about evenly with everyone else and got his boogie on.

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