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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Easiest way.....Mon-Fri is lower cal/carbs.....Weekends to eat up more "whole food" carbs and some treats....keep calories in check as they still matter.

When in doubt....never do the same thing for long....body responds better to gets bored and adapts to the same environment.
To clarify something here:

Note that weight training you want to normally stick with a cycle at least 6-8 weeks (sometimes 4 if it's intense).

With food mixing it up more often can yield better results.

The body rapidly adapts to a stimulus we more often see. We eat 3-6 (or more) times a day generally so the body can adapt pretty fast. But we only train about 5 times a week so that's why the rate of adaptation is slower.

With weightlifting especially it's important to stick with programs to facilitate adaptation.. hopping around on weightlifting like it's nutrition doesn't work as well.
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