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March 8, 2007
Core Performance Movement Prep - New Version
Core Performance Prehab:
Swiss ball crunches - 15#x20
pillar bridge front - narrow stance - 10L/R
Pillar Bridge side - jumping jack - 10L/R
glute bridge - knee bent - 10 L/R
mini band walk - 10L/R

Row @ 5 - 2 minutes WU - 482m
Tabata - 10 rounds - 925m - 277W
2 minute cooldown - 464m

Running drills - CFJ 9/06 - I need to review this video again I felt really weird doing some of these

terminal knee extensions w/ small band- 10L/R, 10 L/R
band traction
ankle mobility
hip mobility

-Prehab- upped the reps to 10 this was tougher though I managed to get all reps under the time but was unable to blast completely through all reps without having to stop for a few.
-Row - I haven't rowed in 2 weeks? I could feel it my leg drive just felt like it was lacking something.
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-Kelly Starrett
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