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Default Mass Gain w/ CF Football

Prone to regular changes of heart as I am, I'm wary that this is another one of those cases. But it's a positive one this time because it's the result of a period of consistency and discipline rather than of slacking off and neglect.

Basically it's been my plan for a while that I'd start bulking from 77kg to mid-80's from September 1st (I have a vacation coming up), going at it as quickly as possible i.e. GOMAD and a lot of time spent under a heavy bar. But now I've spent 5 weeks or so just working on GPP, I've really enjoyed racing the clock, eating well and generally feeling tip-top.

I still want strength and mass though, and I've been looking at CF Football which looks fantastic for strength and GPP. My question is, would CFFB with half-GOMAD and unlimited paleo allow me to simultaneously put on muscle (I accept fat too, which would fall off once the milk goes) and develop GPP?

At the moment, I pretty much eat unlimited paleo already which has kept me at my normal BW very well. I'll eat as much protein as I want which usually has enough fat in it (if not, I'll add nuts or oil) and have a piece of fruit or a big side of veggies 3x a day, which works out at about 1800kcals - eat quality food til your full seems to be the most natural thing you can do, and it works well.

Half GOMAD = approx 1300kcals, so that'd be 3100kcals by my reckoning. I read a PM article which says a small increase in calories is effectively dealt with by the body, therefore you need a lot more to put on weight. Do you guys think this approach would work over many months?
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