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Originally Posted by james forshaw View Post
At the moment, I pretty much eat unlimited paleo already which has kept me at my normal BW very well. I'll eat as much protein as I want which usually has enough fat in it (if not, I'll add nuts or oil) and have a piece of fruit or a big side of veggies 3x a day, which works out at about 1800kcals - eat quality food til your full seems to be the most natural thing you can do, and it works well.
1800 calories, really? Cuz, the guy at the top of this page, supposedly eats 1900 calories a day and he's 6 feet tall and weighs 115 pounds.

"...Michael, stands beside her at the ready: a boyish-looking 35-year-old with brush-cut red hair, translucently pale skin, and—at six feet tall and 115 pounds—an eerily spare physique.

Consider those dimensions for a moment. Divide Michael’s weight by the square of his height and you get a body-mass index of 15.6. Compare that with the minimum BMI of 18 recently decreed by the organizers of the Madrid Fashion Week—who cited the World Health Organization’s definition of 18.5 as the lower limit of healthy weight and offered medical assistance to any models who couldn’t meet it"

Don't be like that guy.
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