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If you're going to do CFFB, do the novice progression so you get the volume and the linear progression. I did it for a few weeks (pro level) and enjoyed it but felt the programming started to get a little nutty.

We talk a lot on here about the simple process of mass gain (EAT MORE). It is simple, but it can be difficult to conceptualize the calories you need to put away. I've have typically eaten between 200-225 g protein to maintain 195-200 lbs. at 12-14% BF.

I've been trying to gain mass for the past month because I'm moving up a weight class for a tourney in October. I have added 100g protein a day of whole milk + whey and cut out metcon almost entirely. That's what it took to get the needle to move. Now that I've added metcon back in, I'm adding grains and more fat to keep up.

170 is relatively light in terms of overall swoleness. You have that on your side. But your young age and your desire to eat Paleo clean might be a hindrance. Add the milk, add some fat, and don't run from a hamburger if it presents itself.
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