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John Filippini
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Snatch: 3x40, 2x50, 2x57, 65, 70, 75, 80, 83(f), 83, 85, 87 PR, 89(f), 89(f)


1 - Snatching 85 felt so close at the meet on Saturday that I felt like I had to try again today... and instead I made 87!!

2 - Huge PR over my previous best of 81kg.

3 - First actual BW Snatch! I weighed in at the time at 83.5kg. My snatch has been going up, but so has my weight.

4 - The reps at 89 actually felt easy, I was just massively fatigued by that point and couldn't control it anymore. I think by the East Coast Gold meet in October I could easily break over 90kg.
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