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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post
recently i've been focusing more on judo. the best thing about using judo on bjj guys is that for the most part, none of us are super knowledgeable on counter throws. thus guys will pretty much just try to block your throws instead of countering them. as a result, you really have no inhibitions to run in and try to trow dudes. worst case scenario, he blocks you and nothing happens.

then again, a bad seio nage will get you choked. i mostly lead everything into an uchi mata, which ends pretty safely most the time.

does anybody have good tips on tai otoshi? i'm having trouble picking apart the throw.
Good point re: counter throws. You can try more of the high amplitude throws you see in judo comps with less risk of being countered. Instead of just flinging them down (since you don't get extra points), you can adjust your grip to land in a better position.

A bad seo will get you choked, so don't be sloppy with it. Move your left arm from under your opponent's elbow to the lower part of his bicep (just above the crease of the elbow). Now when you turn in, he'll be unable to choke you.

You can make an easy adjustment to tai otoshi. First, grip high collar or even over the shoulder and around the back. Second, make it a terminal throw (take uke down and land on top of him). Instead of throwing a classic tai otoshi, bend your right knee and shoot your toe just past his toe. Twist your hips, and it will be a fast, violent throw. If you pull on his right arm, you'll land right on top of his ribs and be in a tight kesa gatame--holding his right arm. From there, you can either go for an arm bar or transition to side control.

I hope that makes sense. I might need to find a clip or film it for you.
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