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Originally Posted by Anton Emery View Post
Cool stuff, thanks Gant.

I have been working on Uchi Mata pretty regularly myself during free time in BJJ. There are probably easier throws to be learning, but it just feels right. Now i just have to get consistent enough so i can use it. My biggest problem seems to be being to get my plant food underneath their center of gravity enough, its usually to far out and then i dont have the leverage for the throw.

Uchi mata is a complex throw (mine isn't very good). But it's a "magazine cover" throw. I once lost a match to a kid with a brilliant uchi mata. My balls were in my rib cage, and I was on my back before I could do anything about it.

Be sure you have the principles of koshi guruma, o goshi, tsuri goshi, and harai goshi down before trying uchi mata against a talented thrower.
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