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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post

You can make an easy adjustment to tai otoshi. First, grip high collar or even over the shoulder and around the back. Second, make it a terminal throw (take uke down and land on top of him). Instead of throwing a classic tai otoshi, bend your right knee and shoot your toe just past his toe. Twist your hips, and it will be a fast, violent throw. If you pull on his right arm, you'll land right on top of his ribs and be in a tight kesa gatame--holding his right arm. From there, you can either go for an arm bar or transition to side control.

I hope that makes sense. I might need to find a clip or film it for you.
i've watched tons of clips on it. i guess my problem is more in the setup.

which foot do i want his weight to be on, his front leg or back leg?

the most recent setup i've been trying is threatening osoto-gari on his right leg, then when he steps back to avoid it, i rotate my hips through, ending with my right leg extended and left leg based under me. one reference mentioned that you want your body to be in a line with his big toes. by getting him to avoid osoto-gari, he pulls his feet into position so that the big toes align as such.

would kosoto-gari be a better option?

is the point on which the opponent rotatoes the hip on your body, the shoulder, or neither? i understand that this is primarily a hand technique, but i'm still confused by this mentality.

is the direction of the throw across my body or down to the ground? my initial assumptions were that the opponent was to be thrown downward since it's tai otoshi and not tai nage or something.
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