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Originally Posted by Mike Romano View Post
Do you have any studies that support those claims?

Dunno, I have a hard time believing that vegetarianism is the way to go....anecdotally and evolutionarily. The very first day of my anthro 102 class we went over the decline of health that went along with the agricultural revolution in nearly every race, i.e. native americans, egyptians, etc. It's pretty standard stuff.....

also, evidence that we only started hunting large game 20k years ago? From what I have learned, it began during the acheulian tradition, about 1.2 million years ago....there is evidence that elephants were hunted around that time. That is to say nothing of saturated fat intake, but I am pretty sure intense hunting DID exist.
There's lots of various evidence for a lot of positions on each topic.

Darryl's one of the high carbo enthusiasts here if you didn't know while most others here advocate a generally lower carb intake.

Take everything with a grain of salt, and figure out what works best for you. But if you want to debate history, go for it.
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