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Originally Posted by Timothy Scalise View Post
... and one of my major factors is being able to train. anyone from either of those cities, been to, lived in, passed through, that knows good gyms that one can train at? I do Olympic weightlifting, I like to do met-cons as well, basicly CAWOD stuff. im spoiled here cause the YMCA has 2 platforms and 2 160kg bumper sets, with a bunch of bars, also Tommy Kono is around from time to time lol. So anyone know good gyms in either of those cities?
edit: just read your public transit constraints after i posted. neither of these are good to get to by bus or bike. CF level 4 and sandpoint are your best bet if you're in the City.

Both Rainer Crossfit and Local's Gym are near Sea.

both are legit and are run by guys with real depth of experience in actually competing They are not insular and have folks from a lot of backgrounds, not just crossfitters, kettleballers and oly people.

Kurtis at Rainer is a good LW strongman himself and puts on a good show every year in August to benefit the fragile x foundation. Jesse at Local's is putting on a Stronglander contest this Sunday. I'll post back if it turns out to be good. I were in the market for a good facility that also has platforms, I'd go to either of those in a heartbeat. if you're strictly an Oly guy, Calpain is prob the best fit in the Seattle area.
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