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Martin Bonn
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wow, thanks Donald, that s quite some list there! i ll do some research on those books and decide which ones to buy...only have a limited budget! and stuff is hard to come by in the UK!
oh, and i am on rotation! well actually i ve got another week before i go back! haha, so loads of time! i just really like to know all the science behind what i do...a bit geeky i know, but i can t help it! i m not a big fan of just blindly following a methodology!

Gavin, you are right in some respects there: i do sometimes get to paralysis by analysis.....but i ve got a coach now (ex commonwealth champion) so i ll just do what he tells me for a while!!

Here's a list of books i ve got atm...i started with the basics and then brached out a bit:

Starting Strength - Mark Rippetoe (not necessarily good for O lifting but by following what he suggested i made real progress for the first time and i shall be forever grateful for it!)

Practical Programming for strength - Mark Rippetoe

The science and practice of strength training - zatsiorsky and kraemer

weightlifting, olympic style - Kono

Olympic weightlifting - greg everett

Explosive lifting for sports - newton

The westside barbell book of methods - Louie simmons

An introduction to olympic style weightlifting - cissik

and then i have the usual suspects in biochemistry and medical physiology... i ve read up on exercise physiology when i had time and read the original research when i had the papers.

thanks for all your help btw guys! it nice to hear people's opinion about these books!
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