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Originally Posted by Timothy Scalise View Post
I contacted the sandpoint gym, and apparently they only train 4 evenings a week at 6pm, and on saturday afternoon, That isnt going to work out with me not knowing what my work schedual will be like (im a bartender). So untill I would get a car it seems seattle isnt going to have much. I found one gym in portland called loprinzi's gym, wich seems to be an old school bodybuilding place, but I contacted them and they have platforms and bumpers as well. Thanks again for all the heads up people. Im not planning on moving for a while, but It just kind of hurts my heart a little to think that I may not be able to train the way I want.

Quick update. After doing weigh-ins and then an event put on by Local's Gym in Lynwood, I'd highly recommend them. Even if you end up living outside of Seattle proper, it's a great facility, with only a light sprinkling of the "look at my snatch" logo t-shirt and other koolaid shenanigans.

Jesse Ward is good people, Teh facilty itself is good sized, has lot's of platforms, odd objects, safety squat bars, axles, farmers bars, some small logs, sandbags etc. It's at least three notches above any other crossfit facilty I've seen.
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