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Originally Posted by Timothy Scalise View Post
I contacted the sandpoint gym, and apparently they only train 4 evenings a week at 6pm, and on saturday afternoon, That isnt going to work out with me not knowing what my work schedual will be like (im a bartender). So untill I would get a car it seems seattle isnt going to have much. I found one gym in portland called loprinzi's gym, wich seems to be an old school bodybuilding place, but I contacted them and they have platforms and bumpers as well. Thanks again for all the heads up people. Im not planning on moving for a while, but It just kind of hurts my heart a little to think that I may not be able to train the way I want.
We're essentially a key club gym, so if you're willing to put down a key deposit, stay current with gym dues, and don't mind training alone you could train whenever you want.
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